Hi there! I am Shwetha H S. Yes, I like to introduce myself with my name as well as my initials that I add after my name. For bread and butter, I actually work in food processing industry. Before you ask, I get no free food, but at discounted price. To be alive, I read, write, sketch and travel. Oh, I am a foodie too. I love animals; on random days, you can find me singing to stray dogs as I pass by them. I also groove to any peppy number played at the shopping mall while I am there shopping. I have many friends groups and each of them will describe me to be a different person. Because of them, sometimes a thought arises that I might be suffering from multiple personality disorder without my knowledge, but I shove it aside as I am comfortable being what I am. As Rick Riordan wrote in The Lightning Thief, “Humans see what they want to see.”

Here, you will find my blogs, poems, sketches, details about trips which I took (I write about my experiences on that trip and won’t be necessarily glorifying the places I visit just because that is how travelogues are supposed to be), notifications about my ongoing works, reviews about books that were read by me and my friends, and how to contact me. You can subscribe to me as well.

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Go on, take a tour of my website. I am glad you stumbled upon it. Don’t forget to write to me.