Puppy Playing In Rain

Memories Are A Necessity

I stepped out of my office building and it started to rain. It is said that it rains only in the evenings in Bangalore except when hit by cyclones. With my umbrella open, I started walking towards the nearest bus stop. There was a black and brown coloured puppy that I see almost every day while walking out of my office. It looked quite happy. Why wouldn’t it be? I found the puppy catching those flying ants that come out every time it rains and attack the lights only to die before the day break. It was stubbing the flies with its tiny paws and jumping from one spot to another trying to bite those pesky beings with its tiny jaws. This puppy had lost its sibling few weeks back to some freak driver’s antics. Seeing it play carefree made me want to give it a hug, but the cutie pie got scared of me and ran away with its thin tail between its legs. It ran to its pack members that were licking the water droplets off the pavement. They must have been thirsty. A worker from the nearby garage brought a tub full of water, placed it on the pavement for the dogs and went back. They started drinking from it with gratitude for that man. I guess if they need a shelter they will go to the garage. The helpful man was watching them from the entrance of his garage. It felt good to see there was someone to look after them, someone who loved them. I just walked ahead. I crossed the highway to go reach the bus stop on the other side. There was nobody there. When I got under the shelter and closed my umbrella, I just sat there relishing solitude till my bus arrived. The man from garage had company of the canines. The canines had the love and care of the man from garage. Having witnessed such acts by canines and the man, I had the memory of them that I could replay again and again in my mind whenever I can.

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