The Reasons They Give

The Reasons They Give…

It was a hectic day except I could squeeze in time to edit a short story at work. A supervisor called to inform that he would be coming in late. I didn’t ask him for a reason. He came in post lunch. When I had to sign on a few invoices that he gave me, I asked him why he didn’t turn up at work in the morning. He narrated the whole drama.

“We have two tenant families. Both started living on rent almost at the same time, about three years ago. There was no problem between both the families. They both were friendly with each other and my family. They even paid us rent on time. We had no qualms with them and never asked them to pay more rent as they have been neatly maintaining their rented houses. Today morning, when I was midway to work, I got a call from one of the tenants asking me to come back home immediately. When I reached his home, I saw my wife, his wife, the other tenant and my neighbours already grouped in front of my home. I asked the tenant who called me what happened, but his wife told me the whole story. It so happened that when her husband and children went out of their home today morning, the other tenant knocked at their door after an hour. She was cooking at that time. Through the window she saw the familiar face and opened the door. The other tenant immediately rushed into their home, closed the door and tried to hug and kiss her. She thrashed him with the ladle in her hand and screamed for help. My wife and neighbours ran to her aid. After they dragged the other tenant out, she called her husband and told him what happened. When I asked him why he did such a hideous act after peacefully living next door for three years, the other tenant, now a criminal, asked me to follow him into his bedroom. There he showed me a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and told me that he tried to molest the next door lady because the UPS was sucking all the electricity from his body. Her kitchen is on the other side of the wall of this molester’s bedroom. I was baffled. I know you are also dumbstruck, but this is what he told me. The UPS in his room was to blame. I had two questions on my mind. One was about his sanity and other was how to console the other tenant family. I answered the second question first and asked the molester to vacate the house immediately. About the first question, I don’t care about it as long as he isn’t on my property. I left the business of lodging a police complaint to the lady and her husband. I have to go back home and check what has happened. So far, my wife hasn’t called up and that means all must be okay at home.”

I had finished signing on all the invoices he had handed over to me. He laughed at himself and his day, and went back to his cubicle. I was left wondering what more reasons can one come up to molest a woman.

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  1. cezan

    one of those situation where one needs to reflect on the reaction, before reacting. Laugh/Cry/Get Angry/Disgusted/Worriedaboutsomeoneelse’ssanity/Confused/anxious??


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