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Don’t cry you say
Stay strong you say
But what’s the loss
When a few comforting tears
Trickle down your cheeks?
You are all that you got
To comfort yourself.

Go ahead you say
Win the game you say
But what’s the loss
When you bask in the glory
In a lonely parade of victory?
You are all that you got
To cheer yourself.

Step out you say
Stand tall you say
But what’s the loss
When nobody holds your hand
To walk along with you?
You are all that you got
To save yourself.

Attention Please

Attention Please

Ribbons, candies and flowers to the wall

Up in the air and watch them fall

Glee of breaking porcelain dolls

Pleasantries of killing anything that crawls


Tapping your feet to announce your presence

Failed attempts have lost their essence

Poured your drink on me just to say hello

Why not just take me to gallows?


Pining for a look to catch my eyes

Now that you got it, why all pleas and cries?

Strolling along to match my steps

Scaring me and giving me the creeps!


You won’t get what you are asking for.

What is the use then, of this new lore?

This is just a common notion.

You are the new seeker of attention.

Outlaws by Shwetha H S


Behind the bars of gaiety

They sulk in parity

They yelp

They call for help

They fake their death


Years of banished memories

Return with vengeance

They ruin

They run

They leave you to death


The way you see others

Through rich ostrich feathers

You break

You change yourself

You revive or succumb

Days of Audacity

Missing all the insanity

And day-to-day profanity

Boisterous walk got faulty

While saluting the gravity

Cursing ideas of chastity

Never mind the levity

Slang, sling and insecurity

Overestimation of ability

Acceptance of abnormality

Trying to be hasty

Ending up being rusty

Buying all that’s musty

Wondering what’s celerity?

Make a roll of reality.

Kiln of Betrayal

With the perturbed wind

Of the raven night

Hatred on its paws

Sorrows to the right


Traded trust for stealth

Traded caress for despise

Love is sold for a dagger

And a dime for The Evil’s praise


Suspect the kinship

As deceit’s on prowl

Out are the cowards

Betrayed by brethren who howl


Avenged are the curses

And the desires buried

Like harbour of sanctity

In the isle of greed


Talking to the omens

Walking with my existence

Lost in the charnel of pain

This is Destiny’s persistence.


Morons on fire

They are out of their lair

Sire, oh Sire!

This situation is dire!


They came down the gyre

Want part in the Eyre

Ask to play them lyre

And leave us in mire


Rules written on quire

It is all over the shire

Bells ring from the spire

Run along you squire!


Run till you tire

Sweat that you acquire

On the brows that you admire

For something you aspire


Jump over the barbwire

Gather and conspire

To bring down the Empire

And achieve what you desire

– by Shwetha H S


Disturbing thoughts of the raging nightmares

Whispered in ears and screamed into minds

Where the narcissists succumbed to each other

When the impeccable cursed in return

When gory eclipsed the glory


Lost in the thoughts of the raging nightmares

Pseudo future and falsified truth

Where effigies ran for their lives

When the kingdom of dreams was burnt

When the castle sailed away in air


Living the thoughts of the raging nightmares

A few saved themselves and others to dwell

Where man tasted blood of another

When cannibals turned into gods

When they gave birth and killed as well

by Shwetha H S