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Monsoon Evenings

It is already monsoon here in India. I am not sure about other parts of India, but here in Bangalore, it rains every evening during monsoon without fail. Every evening as in when we step out of our offices to go home. We get drenched intentionally or unintentionally. Whites are a taboo during monsoon. On one such evening, I saw a man walking in front of me while I was on my way home. Thought of making a sketch of what I saw.

By Shwetha H S

By Shwetha H S

Yossarian of Catch-22

YossarianI am very lucky to have a good imagination. Whenever I read or listen to anything, my imagination gets fueled to give a visual effect. The guy in the picture of my sketch is Yossarian, of my imagination, of Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. If I am ever asked to illustrate the whole story, this is how Yossarian would look.

When I bought my first sketch book, I just didn’t want to write my name like everybody else in the first page. It is a sketch book; meant for sketching. So, I sketched my name. That is pretty much me.